Welcome to Ivy Global's new real-time scoring service for the 2016 SATs. As you complete SAT practice exams, fill in your answers on this page. You will receive instant feedback on the correctness of your answers, as well as predictions of your scaled scores on the actual SAT.

We determine your raw scores as you work through each section, then we use that to calculate ranges of values within which we predict your scaled scores will fall. We use these ranges to predict your area scores, again in the form of exact scores and ranges of values. These ranges shrink as you complete more questions, using the provided information to increase the precision of our predictions. Our estimated ranges are approximately 90% accurate when you start answering questions, and 95% when you finish. To get the best estimates, complete the entire test, or try doing multiple tests.

Each section of the SATs should be completed within the timeframe specified beneath the title of the section. Press 'Start' to make a timer start counting down, 'Pause' to pause the countdown after starting, 'Resume' to resume the countdown after pausing, and 'Reset' to reset the timer back to the initial time.

You can complete multiple-choice and grid-in questions by selecting the correct choices with your mouse, or you can type in the answers to each multiple-choice question using your keyboard as you go.

How We Scale

College Board has not released the exact scalings of their exams with neither their full PSAT practice test nor their official guide to the new SAT. Without this information, we made an educated guess and are currently scaling the new SAT similarly to the current SAT. For example, if a student is achieving a score of around 600 on the current SAT, we designed the scoring rubric so they would get the same score on our new tests.

Unlike many other test prep companies, we perform student testing with our tests to calibrate their difficulty and scaling. The students who participate in our testing are high school students who have a baseline score from having already taken an official PSAT or SAT. Our Reading Tests also use authentic high-quality passages from publications like the New York Times and the Atlantic, which most non-College Board tests don't do.

Contact Us

Email us at with any feedback or technical issues.